Žiga Gombač

Sporty, articulate, enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic

If you’ve ever met Žiga X Gombač before, then you’d know he truly is one who contains multitudes.  There’s really no telling where or when you might run into him.  It could be at a book fair, in a garden, on ultra marathon, or relaxing in the mountains.  He is a man of many talents and many interests, with a boundless enthusiasm for whatever task is next on his to-do list.  But, if you ask him (and we did), one of the greatest accomplishments in his already illustrious career is working with us at Hooray Heroes. 

Just listen to him tell it in his own words.  “To be able to write for children from all over the world puts a smile on my face every single day. Since I’ve been doing this, no one around me seems as cranky anymore and no days are really that gray either.  Watermelon tastes sweeter than before, ice cream too, and the colors of rainbow shine brighter.”  Yeah, that’s awesome.

He’s also a man finely attuned to the world around him.  His inspiration comes from taking small, quotidian experiences from everyday life, like the way wind caresses someone’s cheek or imagining what’s in the spaces between the stars, and transforms it into magical stories children all over the world read and love every day. 

In other words, it’s through hardships that we can reach the stars.  Which also just happens to be his motto.  Ad aspere per astra.  And it’s good advice for all of us.