Pet Project

Release: Summer 2020

The coolest pets that will take you to the most crazy, fun, and sometimes even extreme adventures!

Sneak Peek into our Pets Project

2020 will bring us many new releases in our Hooray Studios Land, including our book with pets. You read that right! Your child will not only be the book’s main hero, but also your pet! You’ll be able to personalize your special buddy and choose between nearly 100 dogs and 50 cats!

Masterly written by Gregory Farshtey and skillfully illustrated by Hossein Ojaghi, this book will take your child on the most fun, crazy, and exciting adventures with their favorite pet. Not only that, you’ll be able to choose the adventures yourself and pick between 20 stories we’ll offer. Obviously, pets talk in our stories. That’s no wonder, since the book was inspired by the French Bulldog, Paco, who often visits our office and talks a lot about his adventures with his owner Philip. Well, also Jam, Cookie, Joy and Henry have had a lot to say about their owners, too.

We promised a sneak peek, so we’re throwing you a bone and publishing one of the stories from the book:


“It’s almost time to do our first skydive,” said Johnny. He and Rex were sitting in a plane, flying high above the countryside. “Are you nervous?”
“Um, no,” said Rex.

But he didn’t sound very certain. “You’d tell me, right? Because you know what happens when you get nervous. Last time, it took weeks to get the rug clean.”

Johnny and Rex jumped out of the plane, both holding on to their skydiving instructors. They could hear the rush of the wind in their ears, smell cold, fresh air and see the whole world down below. Johnny had thought it would be like being on a roller-coaster, with his stomach doing flip-flops. But it wasn’t like that at all!

After a little while in freefall, they pulled the ripcords on their parachutes and started to drift down to the ground.

“Look!” said Johnny.
“We’re going to land right in that big circle by the airfield!”
“Oh, you don’t want to land there,” said Rex.
“Trust me.”
“Why wouldn’t I want to land there?” asked Johnny.
“I got nervous.”

That’s it for now. Paw power!