Free personalized coloring books for hundreds of thousands of children quarantined across the world

Each day we register more than 250,000 downloads of our free personalized coloring books ever since governments across the world started closing down schools and introducing quarantine for citizens as precautionary measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Millions of children are stuck at home, and their parents are eager to find various solutions that will keep them entertained and help to establish new daily routines. Our team at Hooray Studios immediately responded to help families create some quality time at home by offering free personalized coloring books. We transformed some of our beautiful illustrations from our bestselling books into one-of-a-kind printables. Using the same personalization technology as our books, every coloring book can be personalized with the name and visual appearance of a child or even two siblings and can be downloaded completely for free:

We received feedback from hundreds of parents who expressed their excitement over this unique offer:

“This is exactly what we needed in this corona time. My son was really proud that he is a superhero.”

Although creating these kinds of personalized coloring books takes a lot of effort and work,our team at Hooray Studios is happy to help and bring a bit of happiness, love, and joy to people’s lives in these uncertain times. The same goes for our personalized books. We are doing our best to continue to provide our books on all our markets, all the while respecting strict precautionary measures and WHO guidelines. “From the very beginning, it’s been our vision to create a magical world for every single child in the world. Our world might never be the same again, but we’re doing our best to keep the magic in children’s worlds alive,” concluded Rado Daradan, our CEO.

Free personalized coloring books are available here: